We are a dedicated team    of paranormal investigators. 

We handle cases that most teams run from.

Call us when things go bump in the night!

If you are experiencing paranormal activity and would like someone to come and investigate for you, please let us help you.  We never charge for investigations and can help you find out what is going on in your home or business.   We can help you figure out what the best solution to your paranormal activity might be. Even if you just want someone else to validate what you have experienced, we can help.

Do I have a ghost in my house?  Signs

I have a ghost but who is it?  Possibilities


If you know of a place that has paranormal activity, please let us know.
We travel throughout Florida in our pursuit of paranormal activity.

Email us below or call (352)457-7161
if you need immediate assistance







Donations - Please support FLAG

We appreciate your desire to help our search for the paranormal. Right now we feel that your money would be of more help in the fight against vandalism and development of our great historic cemeteries.
Please support cemetery preservation!


Florida's Lost & Abandoned Graveyards - If we don't preserve their history, who will preserve ours?

This button will send donations straight to them!






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