May -Stringer Museum

Many of our team members got their first taste of the paranormal while working at the museum.
We started doing ghost tours to help the museum raise money, but it also gave us a chance to spend time with the spirits there on a regular basis.  We witnessed everything from footsteps, to voices, to members being touched, and even objects being moved. Many skeptics have become true believers after spending time in this beautiful victorian. 

One Thursday morning, we were working on a display before the museum opened.  I went into the kitchen to get something and was surprised to find a very strong soap fragrance.  I told the other investigator working with me to go in the kitchen.  As soon as she entered, she said "what did you spill?"  We searched the entire room and could find no source for the smell.  Later that day we were doing research on the computer and found a list of Victorian chore days. Monday-wash day, Tues-ironing, etc.  We looked at Thursday --Washing the floors day!!  I guess there was someone attending to their daily chores there with us.
One Friday night, we were doing a ghost tour and had 8 people.  We were sitting quietly up in the attic and asked for a sign of any presence that was with us.  We asked if Dr. Stringer was there. The next thing we heard was footsteps coming up the stairs and both a male & female voice chatting as they came up the stairs. The footsteps continued across the floor and the attic door opened! We were all frozen in our chairs.  A few minutes later we asked for another sign. AGAIN, footsteps up the stairs, across the floor, then a loud SQUEAK. This happened several more times. Every time we asked a question we got the noises. Everyone on the tour heard it. There were definately no skeptics left in the group after that evening! Once we turned the lights back on, we discovered that the loud squeak had come from a swivel chair located on the landing at the top of the stairs.


Having taken thousands of orb pictures, we have never seen an orb with a hole in it




There appears to be the reflection of a young girl in the window.  This room is on the second floor, so it is not coming from outside and there was noone else in the room at the time.

more photos

Spring Hill Cemetery

On a recent visit to the cemetery, we had a very interesting experience involving our car.  When we began leaving, the doors on the car locked automatically(not a feature in this car normally), when we pushed the unlock button on the door, the engine died, the horn started honking, the wipers went off, the blinkers began flashing .  We got everything shut off and started the car again, upon turning onto the main road, the doors locked again!  We left them alone until we got home, this time we tried just opening the drivers door from the inside. Again, blinkers flashing, wipers going, horn honking!  This has never happened again. Only on the day we went to the cemetery!!

Plantation House

We recently did on overnight investigation at a local landmark. While walking the grounds, we made contact with the spirit of a former slave.  Using our dousing rods as a guide, she took us across a field to an area that she said was actually a cemetery. There were no visible tombstones or markers.  Upon returning to the main house we asked the tour guide if that area had ever been a cemetery, and she said"Oh yes, that is the original graveyard for the family. The tombstones were moved a few years ago so they would be closer to the parking lot."

Later that evening 2 of our investigators were walking the grounds, and heard something following them. They turned and quickly snapped a picture. There was a large blue orb right in the middle of the path behind them!