Who is haunting my house?

There are a number of possibilities. Here are just a few -

1.  A former resident
     Especially if you have an older home,
     you may encounter the spirit of a previous owner.  They
     may become upset if you make major changes in the house.
     They don't always know that they are dead and may see
     you as a stranger taking over their home.

2.  The opportunist
     Some spirits may become fixated on one
     member of the family, especially if that person shows fear
     or has alot of energy.  They may just get a thrill from 

     scaring you.  They may even haunt an entire  
     neighborhood, going from house to house, knocking on 
     windows etc.

3.  A deceased relative
     Many times a ghost is simply the
     spirit of a loved who justs want to visit.  Especially if there
     is a new baby in the house.  They just want to see the new
     family member too!  They may possibly feel the need to
     pass on a message, or clear up some misunderstanding
     that occured during their life.  Maybe they just miss you
     and want to make sure you are ok.  Maybe they want you
     to know that they are ok.

4.  The predatory spirit
     These are truly bad spirits that prey
     on children, or those in a weakened physical or emotional
     state.  They may also be attracted to people who are
     open or sensitive.  Many people don't realize that they are
     sensitive, but the spirits do!!

5.  Replay of an important moment
     Sometimes what you have is not an actual ghost but simply
     a moment in time that replays itself over and over.  It may
     be a traumatic event or simply an activity that was 

     repeated on a a daily basis. These things can leave an
     energy imprint  that acts like a tape recorder stuck on 
     replay.  This type of activity will not interact with you or 
     appear affected by your