Do I have a ghost in my house?

Here are some of the signs that a ghost may be present -

1. Do you hear voices that seem
   to come from
Many people will hear someone call out their
     name.   They may think it is another family
     member only to hear "No, I didn't call you".

2. Electronic devices that act

   Do things turn on and off by themselves?  Does the light
     suddenly come on in the middle of the night.  Does your
     TV change channels by itself?

3. Do things move without

    Do find a door open that you know you closed?  Do you hear
    doors open and close when noone is near them?  Do you
    misplace things alot? Do you find your keys have   been

    moved from where you left them?

4. Do you hear strange knocking?

    If your house is free from loose boards, over hanging tree
    branches, noisy pipes, etc.  Do you sometimes hear 
    someone knocking or tapping on something?

5. Does the temperature seem to
   change suddenly?

    You may be perfectly comfortable and walk into a different
    room, only to find it is freezing cold.  Sometimes you may
    feel a sudden breeze or draft even though no windows are

6. Are your pets acting strangely?

    Does your dog bark for no reason? Does he sit at the bottom
    of the stairs and gaze upward?  Does you cat stare at
    something then hiss and leave the room? 

7. Do you see things "out of the
   corner of
your eye?"

    Some people will think they see a shadow or something 

    move nearby only to turn their head and there's nothing

8. Do you feel like your being

     Even when your all alone you may feel like there is 
      someone else there.

9. Do your children have imaginary

     Do your children talk to or play with something that you
     can't see.  Are they constantly awakened at night by
     someone?  Don't dismiss these things as imagination.
     Children can often see and hear ghosts because their
     minds are much more open than our adult minds.

All of these things may be signs that there is
something paranormal in your home. Obviously if you see an apparition or feel something touch you, you will know there is a ghost.