Twelve West Oglethorpe

Twelve West Ogelthorpe is one of Savannah Georgia's Most Haunted locations.  Acording to Murray Silver(Savannah's Most Haunted Man) it is the only house where a ghost answers the door when you knock.  Even the latest owners - a church - abandoned the building when their church services were interrupted by continuous loud knocking sounds.

Recently we were in Savannah for Ghoststock - a great ghost convention hosted by Patrick and Pamela Burns of Ghosthounds.  Of course we had to see exactly who would answer the door of the abandoned mansion.  So as we walked back to our hotel after a night of great investigations, we got there about 2am and of course noone else would knock on the door.  While waiting safely on the sidewalk, Claire snapped the following pictures.  Notice the brown fog that forms in the window behind me.  In the last picture, it has condensed and appears to blocking a portion of the door frame!

We showed these photos to Murray and he told us that he has actually had the glass on these doors break from the inside out while he was standing on the porch!  Apparently the ghost reacts with great force when disturbed!  He also told us that this house is built on top of one of Savannah's oldest cemeteries - one specifically reserved for executed prisoners!